Let’s Ensure Your and Our Security: 

The Privacy Policy of Amani Mart is simple: We do not misuse / transfer / share any data or information shared by our customers. 

Once you make your account with Amani Mart, we simply collect and store the personal information shared by our customers in our database. The sole purpose to collect and store the personal information of customers is to enable an efficient, flawless secure and above all customized user experience. We can customise your experience of visiting the official website of Amani Mart through this data collection only. Hence, it is a requirement to serve you better. 

This process of data collection and storage allows us to provide features and services that are aimed at meeting the shopping (of electronic items) needs of the customers. The prime aim to do is to make the customer experience not only safer but easier. Consequently, we only collect the personal information of the customer that we find crucial for achieving this purpose. Yes, you can look up our website and browse through it without sharing your respective personal information but certain functionalities are limited if you do not register. But, after you share your personal information, you do not remain anonymous to us.

Information We Collect: 

To facilitate the process of ordering of product through Amani Mart, we do need certain personal information from your end and including Name, Phone Number, Email ID and Passport. At the later stage, you will have to provide your address details for us to deliver the ordered products to your doorstep. 

Access of Limited Data 

The personal information shared by you remains within the ecosystem of Amani Mart and is only accessible to a limited number of employees who have special permission to do as well as need the information for operations part of the organization (i.e completing an order placed by the customers). Having said this, we may compile the information demographics from time to time and again this compiled information /data is only shared within our organization. 

Apart from this, the systems of Amani Mart collects a needed set of details about the internet connection of your computer or laptop. But, you need not worry as the IP address gathered by the does not identify you personally. We only gather this information in order to deliver the web pages to you once you request the same. This step is done to facilitate the following things: 

  • To customise the official website of Amani Mart as per your liking
  • To track the data related to the number of visitors to our website
  • To have an insight into the geographic locations of the visitors 

Please note, we gather this information for digital marketing purposes and ultimately serve you better as well as per your interests. Additionally, we do not allow any unauthorized individual or organization be it other employees, third parties, visitors or anyone not in our organization to use any information collected from you.

Information Sharing and Alterations:

First, with regards to the alteration of your personal details, you can edit it by clicking on the ‘my account ’ section present on the top right corner of the homepage. Additionally, you can edit it anytime you want. 

Then comes the most important part of our Privacy Policy, i.e. the sharing of your personal information. You must be thinking if we share your personal information with anyone or any party? Well, we may share personal information with our affiliates or corporate entities. 

As a result, these affiliates and entities may market to you. Furthermore, we may have to pass on your address details to the courier companies or vendors, so that they can diligently work and perform their function with regards to delivering the product and completing the order. Apart from this simple business requirement, personal information might also be shared with law authorities at a later stage for detection of any kind of fraud. This is done o ensure the safety of our website, employees, customers other individuals affiliates associated with us.

Your Consent:

When you use our official website by providing your information through registration, you give us the consent to collect the information you provide on the Website in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Usage of Information: 

One of the prime uses of the personal information shared by you as a customer is through the email address. The email ID you provide to us is used to inform you regarding the order you place with us. We inform you that the order is confirmed and will be completed soon. Furthermore, your email address may also be used to inform you regarding the customer service related queries you make as well as for sending the newsletters. Any other information we gather from your end is stored confidentially stored. We assure you that we will not be disclosing the same unless and until needed as per the requirement of the law authorities or in case of any disputes.

Your Consent is Pivotal 

When you use or access our website or provide your personal information while registering with us then you give us consent to the gather and at the same time use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

Please Note: Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time. Furthermore, by visiting the Amani Mart website you also agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.