Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Long Lasting

Have you ever checked the people while traveling the metro? If not, then you must do so. If yes, then you might have seen that 90% of people are busy on their mobile phones. No doubt a mobile phone is the most useful device in our lives today. You might have seen designer mobile covers and accessories on people’s mobile phones. Most of us protect our mobile phones with reliable cases, but we need to invest more effort in protecting the mobile phone batteries as well. 

Nowadays, the manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries in the production of mobile phones. It offers many advantages to the mobile phones. if you have used mobile phones a lot, then you must know that mobile phone batteries get shorter over time. It is because every time you charge your phone, the lithium-ion in it gets charged and discharged energy it loses. 

However, there are so many ways you can save your lithium-ion battery and use it for a longer time. 

How do you keep your mobile phone battery long-lasting?

These are the top ways to keep your mobile phone long-lasting. Read below to know more.

Keep your battery from going to 0% or 100%Do not let your battery go 0% or 100%

I know, I know, your dad asked you to keep your mobile phone battery charged. This is an outdated practice, which does not apply to today’s lithium-ion batteries. No matter whether you own an Android phone or an iOS device, you need to avoid extremes. If you are an iOS user, then you should keep your mobile phone battery between 20% and 80%. Always avoid letting it drop below 20% and charging it beyond 80%. Also, you should keep your mobile phone in a cool and well-ventilated place to avoid overheating. For Android users, it is necessary to keep it around 50%. Also, you can take the help of the battery-saving mode to conserve power when your device’s battery is running low. 

Use any Portable Charger or power bankUse any Portable Charger or power bank

Take help from Amani’s portable charger to keep your mobile phone charged. Power banks are crucial in supplying power to your devices when there is no power plug. These portable chargers are handy in emergencies. You can charge it and use it for hours. 

Try Charging Slowly if PossibleTry Charging Slowly if Possible

No doubt fast charging is the fashion nowadays. But, if you intend on maximizing the lifespan of your battery then fast charging is not a good idea. Using a suitable charger is the best thing you can do for your mobile phone. You can get a perfect charger from Amani Mart for your suitable mobile phones. 

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using themTurn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them

One common drain on battery life is leaving your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on when not using it. It is the universal truth that the more you charge your mobile phone, the more its battery gets damaged. 

Use The Location Services SelectivelyUse The Location Services Selectively

As a technology-driven device, a lot of apps track the location to support the services. The constant scanning with this GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and much more. To make sure that these technologies are not wasting your battery life, it is very important to let these apps access the location only while using the app. 

Assistants are not Necessary on PhonesAssistants are not Necessary on Phones

Google Assistant and Siri are amazing technology and are very necessary. But, they will drain your phone’s battery very fast. So, if you do not need these assistants or hardly use them, then you can disable the command function. This will save your mobile phone’s battery and give them a longer life. 

Disable the Background App Disable the Background App

Background apps take a lot of energy from your mobile phones. So, it is very necessary to close your background apps but remember, you should close them, not force stop the running apps. Talking about iOS or Android systems, both the algorithms of mobile phones automatically manage how much power the background apps are using. You can also refresh the phone to save energy and it will stop using the apps at the back. 

Adjust Screen BrightnessAdjust Screen Brightness

Too much screen brightness can harm your eyes as well. So, it is suggested that you should adjust the brightness of your mobile phone according to the light around you. If the light is low outside, then there is no need for full brightness on your phone. Also, you can set your phone to the night light during evening hours, to maintain the brightness accordingly. Nowadays, the phones are smart enough to understand the brightness conditions outside. Or you can use the brightness slider on your Android or iOS devices to adjust the brightness. 

Use Power Saving ModesUse Power Saving Modes

Nowadays, iOS and Android devices are smart enough and have battery-saving options or low-power modes. These modes are very helpful as they cut back on functions to save your phone from battery drainage. You can also turn on this mode when you are not using your device for a longer time. This way you can reduce the stress of your mobile phone. 

Use OLED ScreenUse OLED Screen

If you have a new and latest mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone 15, then you can cut down on your battery drainage by switching to the Dark Mode. It will extend your battery life by 30%. But, OLED screens are only there in new mobile phones. 

Bottom Line

Saving your mobile phone’s battery life is highly essential. You need to remember that, the longer the battery life, the shorter the chance to buy a new phone. You can adopt these practices to make the battery of your mobile phone longer. It does not matter whether you are using Android or iPhone, these tips will be applicable to both the technologies. These practices will also reduce the environmental impact of the frequent battery replacements. 


  • Q. How does a portable charger help in preserving battery life?

    Ans.1 Portable chargers give your phone a longer connectivity and reduce the need to rely on fast charging methods that can highly impact the battery longevity.
  • Q. What is killing my phone battery so fast?

    Ans.2 Too many apps in the background are killing the battery of your phone very fast.
  • Q. Is a 1% battery drain in 6 to 7 minutes normal?

    Ans.3 Yes, it is normal. But, if it gets switched off then a 1% drain might be a concern.
  • Q. Do fast charges reduce battery life?

    Ans.4 Fast charging reduces the number of charge cycles and hence, reduces the battery life.
  • Q. What is battery drain per hour?

    Ans.5 The acceptable rate of battery drain per hour can depend upon the age of your mobile phone, usage pattern, and settings. On an average, the drain of 1% to 2% per hour is an ideal time.


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